The latest in Hydrophilic Acrylic Technology

Gentle folding and Controlled Unfolding

Highest resistance to YAG laser impact

Least post operative inflammation and anterior / posterior capsule opacification

Excellent mechanical resistance - no damage to the optic area caused by forceps

No stickiness problem as with hydrophobic lens materials

Best tolerated amongst all lens materials

Ideal for suture less surgery

Quicker recovery time for patient

Lens Properties


Hydrophilic Acrylic

Refractive Index

UV Block Chemically Bonded
Glass Transition 25°C
Diameter 6.0 mm
Length 12.50 mm
Haptic Style Modified C / Plate
A Constant 118.0
Available Power +16 D to + 24 D

Packaged in Sterile FoviFolder